B.A.A. Marathon App Reviews

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Just got the App and it keeps locking up when trying to connect to FB for live tracking. I then have to power off my phone in order to open App up and try again and the same thing happens! Any suggestions?

Won’t link to bib

Despite correct info.

Link to bib number

App won’t link to my bib number when providing all of the correct info.

Terrible App with 1 exception

The only thing this is good for is locating bib numbers. Tracker didnt work at all. Race was over and the status was still "they havent started"


Worked well to see course and to track generally although was inaccurate by a couple of blocks

The tracker didnt work!!!

I was so excited to watch my moms progress in the Marathon today from SC. I was able to search her by bib number, and her name appeared with some basic race info, but when it came to the actual race I could NOT get it to work! Its either a glitch or it is NOT user-friendly. I had to use the full sight on my web browser to be able to track her. Very disappointing. That was the only reason I got the app!

Participant login doesnt work

Participant login doesnt work and the countdown clock isnt accurate.

Doesnt work at all

Total waste!

No update!

Not working! Still says participants Im tracking havent started yet. BAA.org site indicates otherwise with their time.


App crashes and flat out doesnt work. Garbage.

Found my runner then it deleted them

Looked up my runner by bib, it found my runner, wouldnt save it then wont find them by by number again. This app is terrible.

Almost useless

Unable to track participant using this app. Did receive push notifications accurately but could not view splits in app- had to go to full site. Disappointed!


This app was a little glitchy, but did the trick. Im hopeful it will be updated and improved for 2017!?!? Any day now... (please)

Another Terrible race app

When will road race organizations start giving us real apps and not templates/web apps in wrappers. I assume this will be updated next week but its a terrible UI. Im a app developer if you guys are looking for a better experience in 2018 I would love to help as Im a Marathoner as well.

Its great

I love how it allows you to track the runners you wish to follow along with updates throughout the weekend from the BAA.

2017 schedule dates & bus loading location wrong when compared to BAA site

-Dates leading up to & date of marathon listed are wrong on schedule section of app -Also location of bus pick up is different than listed on BAA site -Looks as if app has 2016 info & was not updated for 2017 *Updated review - app has been updated- PERFECT! April 13, 2017

Wrong info

Cant login and times are off. Looks nice but, not useable yet!


Participant tracker gets wiped each time you guys update. 3rd time Im having to enter folks in..

App not working 1 day before the race

Wont do participant login. Major fail!

Will there be a 2017 version?

I havent seen any 2017 version show in the App Store yet. Is there going to be one?

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