B.A.A. Marathon Recenzje App

App worked well for me

I liked how I could see splits and pics on the app on race day. However, I was disappointed when I couldn’t find the same information the next day. I would have liked to open up my stats and have pics all in one place at least for a week. It just showed the result link even by 5 an the next morning. That was frustrating to me.

Good job!

I had no trouble using the app to track my daughter and her Aunt beginning to end of the Marathon!!

Age Group Results Needed

Prior years we could see how a runner ranked within the age group. This app won’t show that result. It would be nice to see how my 60 year old legs rate against other 60 year legs, not some 25 year old legs. Other than that, nice app. Family could track time and location from anywhere in world.

Great for tracking your runner friends

Used it in the (awful weather) 2018 Marathon to track family runners. Super helpful to find out where they were and also predicted times at certain miles.

Stopped working mid-race

Stopped working in the middle of my friend’s race so we couldn’t track her.

Huge improvement

Tracked the runners in real time - so easy to use.

Unable to track athletes...same thing ever year

This app always fails to deliver. Cannot track runners. Won’t bring up elites. Worthless as usual.

Cannot track my racers

Stinks!! Been trying yesterday and today. I can search them but won’t link and track them!

Love it

Course maps, very helpful.

Fix the bugs!

App won’t connect to FB for live tracking despite all correct info being submitted. App is useless for social media if not corrected

Doesn’t work

Won’t link my bib number even with all of the correct information

App wont link to bib number

App wont link to bib number despite all info being correct

Won’t link to bib number

I see reviews from days ago disparaging the fact that even with correct info, other participants were unable to link their bib numbers. DITTO...still not working! Pretty useless without that! Needs fixing ASAP!!!

Slow and steady 11

It won’t let me register my bib despite all correct info??? Anybody help?

I can't get it to link to my bib number

Just got an email from the marathon encouraging us to download the app...which I can't get to link to my bib. 😬

Not Linking

Ap will not link my bib number to Facebook with correct log in info provided.

Won’t link to bib

App doesn’t link to participant bib number.

Sharing doesn’t work

App won’t connect to Facebook and Twitter as advertised. Just pulls up a blank screen when I try to connect.

Social media integration totally broken

You’re supposed to be able to connect to your atwitter and Facebook accounts via this app so you can automatically post live tracking updates. Unfortunately none of that functionality works. At all. I’m on an iPhone X, and I can’t even navigate back out of the blank page it sends me to; I actually have to kill the app. If you can’t get it to work, why don’t you just remove this “feature” off of the app and great be us another way to connect, say on a browser window?

Won’t link to bib

Despite correct info.

Link to bib number

App won’t link to my bib number when providing all of the correct info.

Terrible App with 1 exception

The only thing this is good for is locating bib numbers. Tracker didn't work at all. Race was over and the status was still "they haven't started"


Worked well to see course and to track generally although was inaccurate by a couple of blocks

The tracker didn't work!!!

I was so excited to watch my mom's progress in the Marathon today from SC. I was able to search her by bib number, and her name appeared with some basic race info, but when it came to the actual race I could NOT get it to work! It's either a glitch or it is NOT user-friendly. I had to use the full sight on my web browser to be able to track her. Very disappointing. That was the only reason I got the app!

Almost useless

Unable to track participant using this app. Did receive push notifications accurately but could not view splits in app- had to go to full site. Disappointed!

Found my runner then it deleted them

Looked up my runner by bib, it found my runner, wouldn't save it then won't find them by by number again. This app is terrible.


App crashes and flat out doesn't work. Garbage.

No update!

Not working! Still says participants I'm tracking haven't started yet. BAA.org site indicates otherwise with their time.

Doesn't work at all

Total waste!

Participant login doesn't work

Participant login doesn't work and the countdown clock isn't accurate.

App not working 1 day before the race

Won't do participant login. Major fail!


Participant tracker gets wiped each time you guys update. 3rd time I'm having to enter folks in..

Wrong info

Can't login and times are off. Looks nice but, not useable yet!

2017 schedule dates & bus loading location wrong when compared to BAA site

-Dates leading up to & date of marathon listed are wrong on schedule section of app -Also location of bus pick up is different than listed on BAA site -Looks as if app has 2016 info & was not updated for 2017 *Updated review - app has been updated- PERFECT! April 13, 2017

Another Terrible race app

When will road race organizations start giving us real apps and not templates/web apps in wrappers. I assume this will be updated next week but it's a terrible UI. I'm a app developer if you guys are looking for a better experience in 2018 I would love to help as I'm a Marathoner as well.


This app was a little glitchy, but did the trick. I'm hopeful it will be updated and improved for 2017!?!? Any day now... (please)

Will there be a 2017 version?

I haven't seen any 2017 version show in the App Store yet. Is there going to be one?


The app did not work during the race. I got sporadic updates on 2 of the 6 people I was tracking. Good idea, poor execution.

Nope. Try again.

The app never updated with race data about someone I was tracking until today, a day after the race. It said that my friend who was running the race never started. I only got two push notifications showing the 10 and 40K split times but when I opened the app itself, it still said the runner hadn't started. This was unfortunate, since I following the course on a bike to find and cheer on my friend. Fortunately, the browser based baa.org athlete tracking tab was working fine after a slow start so I was able to find my runner on the course in a few locations.

You erased my heroes on update?

I had 10 runners I was tracking. I updated the app and they are all removed. Why wouldn't you preserve local data? Very disappointed.

No realtime updating

The app did not update hero and leader splits automatically and needed to be force quit and restarted every time to receive latest information.


Map constantly freezing just after race began—unable to track anyone…

Great marathon app!

This is probably the best marathon app I've used. It worked as advertised even with 30,000 runners. It even located runners you followed on the course map. Along with the usual splits. It did crash occasionally but recovered quickly-- probably overuse.

Completely Worthless

The notifications never worked, I checked several times to make sure I had them turned on correctly in my settings. The app never once updated the leader boards either. Better to just use the Boston athletic association web page for updates. Worthless app.


App is crashing when loading a map.

Map function isn't working!

Map function isn't working.

Favorites not working.

Makes it not very useful.

Favorites doesn't work

After entering favorites I leave the app and come back and they are gone. I wish I could use it for tracking runners. Spoke to others that are having the same issue.


Not very useful.

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